What is NLP Life Coaching?

Coaching, where change happens naturally!

  • It is human to be imperfect, in fact we're nicer with flaws.
  • It is human to have to make choices, in fact flexibility is ranked as one of the most attractive attributes in a partner.
  • It is human to have fear, in fact who isn't afraid of something?
  • And it is most certainly human to want change, fact - we make it happen!

Some issues during our life may be resolved over a drink or with the help of our friends or partners but some need a more natural influence. Strong emotions, deep-seated fears and established behaviours are issues that can be treated successfully at Maheono with coaching. We make the real difference.

Modern living has its own rules, now we know how to break them!

The professional, flexible approach of coaching can treat any issues, long-standing or sporadic such as phobias, anxiety and panic attacks, releationship and family issues, career issues, social skills, performance and more.

Gone are the days of needing a yoga coach or gym instructor. Now is the time to work on your mind and discover your true potential and create your success.

A coaching session can be done face to face or via the telephone. We use psychological processes and activities to engage your natural resources in ways that make change occur naturally. Coaching sessions are fun, self-revealing and motivating. They last from 40 minutes to one and a half hours.

Many of our clients are surprised at the things they discover about themselves, the hidden strengths and capabilities and natural resources they already posess. "I can't believe it was already there......" is a frequent comment from clients who we have treated. Common issues include:


  • Phobias - Spiders, Crowds, Vomiting, Hospitals, Presenting, Fear of performing (Singing and Acting)
  • Physical ailments - Irritabel Bowel Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue, ME, Migraines, Depression, Anxiety
  • Social skills - Interaction, Overcoming shyness, Making friends, Confidence and Self-esteem, Assertiveness
  • Relationships - Marriage break-down, communication issues
  • Behaviour - Belifefs,
  • Spirituality - Not knowing where you fit in or what you believe in
  • Performing - Singing, acting
  • Performance - Presentation, Sales, Raising performance
  • Corporate skills - Presentation, Team Leading, Promotion, Interaction and Communication, Sales
  • Communication - Conflict resolution, managing, self-esteem, assertiveness, team spirit
  • Management - Team leading, engaging and motivational speaking, stress
  • Change - Handling a new role, taking a promotion, dealing with redundancy

The four steps to achieving what you want, who you want and NOW are:

Follow the steps - POTENTIAL...........

Servicing: Aldershot, Basingstoke, Bracknell, Camberley, Crowthorne, Farnborough, Fleet,
Reading, Sandhurst, Woking, Wokingham, Yateley and surrounds.